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Disney is killing the best game on Facebook.  They still have yet to give a specific reason (focusing on new games is not a good reason.)


Patrick Stewart
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Current Residence: Basehor, Kansas
Favourite cartoon character: Sailor Jupiter, Kiyone, Yayoi Toreishi, Marceline, Sterling Archer


The No-Win Senario
    We have received a distress call fro the SS Seraphim, a small clinic ship that makes regular runs to frontier outpost and settlements.  Something has disabled their inertial dampening field which inhibits their ability to move out on impulse or warp... unless of course they want to turn the crew into mush to do so.  They can only move on thrusters.  We are en route to render what assistance we can.  Hopefully we won't need to call the USS Crossfield out to take in tow.  These communities rely on this ship... I have a bad feeling in my antennae out this one.

    Captain Venthen's blue antennae were visibly twitching.  Something about this situation seemed familiar.  A striken ship unable to defend itself near the frontier and a bridge full of kids.

    "Coming out of Warp in 3... 2... 1... OUT!" Ens M'Pinga shouted.  Then they saw the Seraphim drifting and trying to level itself in relation to the planet.

    "Mr. Price, get your team ready and-" before Captain Venthen could finish a proximity alarm sounded.  Ens T'Selle was on it immediately from her sensor monitoring station.

    "Three ships entering the system... Klingon D-6 class, only..."

    "Only what, Ensign?"  The Captain asked

    "The Hulls are D-6, but the warp signatures indicate Orion copies of D-6 warp cores.  And the weapons are phasers."

    2nd Lt Bjorndalen of the Marines happened to be on the bridge putting in a little time at Tactical.  He looked over T'Selle's readings.  "Definitely phasers, either Andorian-make salvaged from an Ares-class or a very accurate knockoff."

    "Why would Klingon ships have phasers?"  Ens M'Pinga asked.

    "When they upgraded to the D-7, The Klingons sold some of their older D-6's to client states, but they removed the disruptor banks."  Bjorndalen explained

    "So that they could be used as regular transports?" Ens Kerrigan asked from her Communications station.

    "No," replied Ens Decker, sitting next to M'Pinga at the helm, "So that they wouldn't have their own weapons turned against them.  Let them arm the ships themselves."

    The junior officers looked at their information then said in unison "I don't believe it!"

    Captain Venthen looked around "What? What is it?"

    Ens Kerrigan answered "They're trying to KM us!"

    'This junior officer slang' Venthen thought. "What's KM?"

    Decker fielded this one "Kobayashi Maru!  They're trying to get us into a 'No-Win' senario!  They must have an ex-Feddie commanding them!  SEE?  One's even peeling off to nip at our tail!"

    Captain Venthen was puzzled.  "They DO know that they aren't flying D-7's out there, right?  And that we are in a much more combat capable Connie than is in that test?  And that there's only three of them?  And that we still have them out gunned."

    "Orders, Captain?"  T'Selle asked

    The Captain smiled. "Kids, get ready." She cracked her knuckles.  "We're about to win the No-Win Scenario!"
Well, I had a hard time getting our young Vulcan ensign to agree pose for this, but since I can literally make her do what I want I was forced to take that action... although she doesn't seem all that angry (or upset... or offended, annoyed, sad, embarrassed or even happy.)
Ensign Kerrigan
Well, now it's time for a little pinup featuring the ship's smallest crew member Ensign Kerrigan (who, curiously, shares a room with the tallest woman on the ship - Ens T'Selle)
LT(JG) Karras
Well, I decided that I liked Security Officer Karras' look so much that I decided to make her image.


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